Our Picks for Best Automatic Shifters 2021

Automatic Shifters are a specialty performance part that gives more control to a driver and looks cools doing it. While mainly used for drag racing they also can be used whenever more control over a vehicle is needed. If you are looking to get an automatic shifter there are many available with those below some of our favorite… Read More »

Our Picks for Best Bluetooth OBD2 Code Scanners for Cars 2021

Since their introduction, OBD2 Bluetooth scanner tools have become a favorite among part-time mechanics and professionals to find and fix engine problems. They are low-cost engine diagnostic tools that can help troubleshoot a problem. For example, if an engine light comes on which gives no indication to the problem a small low-cost OBD2 adapter code scan tool can… Read More »

Our Picks for Best Portable Jump Starters 2021

Portable car battery smart jump starters have become popular in recent years. Smart jump starters are a great item in an emergency when a battery has lost its charge. Modern-day devices from smartphones to laptops can drain a battery leaving a user in need of a jump which makes emergency jump kits a good item to have while… Read More »

Our Picks for Best Road Side Emergency Lights 2021

Having road side emergency lights is something that is nice to have when broken down or back tail lights stopped working. Using them when being broken down is no doubt the time they are used the most but I have also used them in many another scenarios. For example, a trailer I was towing one time had the… Read More »

Our Picks for Best 12-Volt Car Heated Seat Cushion

Having a good heated car seat goes a long way in helping to stay warm and comfortable during cold days. They have many uses from simply getting warm quick or even getting heat when a vehicles built-in heater stops working. There are many units available including material type and heat output. There are many good units available with… Read More »

Guide: Dodge Neon Thermostat Replacement (1999-2005)

Changing out a second generation Dodge Neon thermostat is a straight forward task that definitely falls in the DIY category. A bad thermostat will cause a Dodge Neon or any car to overheat and needs replaced when bad. As always call a mechanic if you don’t feel comfortable working on your own car. Only a few tools are… Read More »

How To Replace Front Toyota Corolla Brake Pads (2010-2019)

A video is at the bottom of the page for a visual walk-through if needed. Replacing the brake pads on a 2010-2019 Toyota Corolla falls in the DIY backyard mechanic type of job. They are not difficult to replace but if in doubt be sure to call a professional. Items Needed To Replace Front Toyota Corolla Brake Pads… Read More »

How To Replace 2012 Toyota Corolla Fuel Pump (2010-2013)

Replacing the fuel pump on a 2012 (2010-2013) Toyota Corolla is a straight forward job that falls in the DIY category. Of course, if in doubt be sure to call a professional. Be sure to take all the necessary precautions when working with gas since it is highly combustible. (2010-2013) Toyota Corolla Fuel Pump Location The fuel pump… Read More »

How To Replace a Fuel Pump Dodge 383 Engine

I recently needed to replace the fuel pump on a 1970 Dodge Monaco with a 383 engine. The Dodge 383 was a popular engine in many vehicles including the B-Body Mopar muscle cars Charger, Roadrunner, and Challenger. Having replaced fuel pumps many times in the past I ordered a new unit and started to install it. A problem… Read More »