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Causes and Fixes P0171 Honda Accord

If you have a Honda with a P0171 error code, the onboard computer (ECM) sees a problem with the gas/air-fuel ratio. The official definition for a P0171 error code is “Bank 1 System Too Lean.” What is a Honda P0171 Error Code? A Honda with a P0171 OBDII error code is a “Bank 1 System… Read More »

Causes and Fixes for a P219A OBDII Code

If you have a vehicle that is giving you a P219A error code, it is having an issue with the fuel delivery on bank 1. The official definition of a P219A Code is “Fuel Trim Cylinder Balance Bank 1 – Malfunction”. The most common cause of a P219A OBD2 error code is a fuel injector… Read More »

Causes and Fixes P0299 Code Chevy Cruze

If you have a Chevy Cruze with a P0299 code, there is an issue with low pressure from the turbo. The official definition of a P0299 code is “Turbo/Super Charger Underboost.” What is a Chevy Cruze P0299 Code? A Chevy Cruze P0299 code happens when the onboard computer (ECM) sees low pressure in the manifold.… Read More »

Causes and Fixes P0014 Code Chevy Trailblazer

If you have a Chevy Trailblazer with a P0014 error code, there are several causes and fixes. Below are the most common symptoms, along with causes and fixes. What is a Chevy Trailblazer P0014 Code? A P0014 error code is an “Exhaust (B) Camshaft Position System Performance.” Some scan tools will give an Exhaust (B)… Read More »

How To Fix Honda Engine Error Code P3400

What is a Honda P3400 Engine OBDII Error Code? A Honda with an Error Code P3400 is a “Cylinder Deactivation System Bank 1“. This error can be caused by several things but is commonly caused by a bad oil pressure sensor. Possible Causes of a Honda P3400 Engine Error Code Defective cylinder deactivation solenoid An… Read More »

How to Replace Alternator Toyota Corolla 2009-2013

Replacing the alternator on a 2009-2013 Toyota Corolla is a task many backyard mechanics can do. It is a straightforward job that can save money by an owner replacing it themselves. Of course, if in doubt, be sure to take your vehicle to a professional. How To Test a Toyota 2009-2013 Corolla Alternator Use a… Read More »

Best Bluetooth OBDII Code Scan Tool for a Smartphone 2022

Since their introduction, OBDII Bluetooth scanner tools have become a favorite among part-time mechanics and professionals to find and fix engine problems. They are low-cost engine diagnostic tools that can help troubleshoot a problem. For example, if an engine light comes on, which gives no indication of the problem, a small, low-cost OBDII adapter code… Read More »

Causes and Fixes Chevy Cruze Overheating

The Chevy Cruze is a great car, but like all vehicle’s there are certain specific problems that can plague some models. One such problem for the Chevy Cruze is the coolant system which is notorious for having issues. From overheating to not heating at all, the coolant system causes problems for many owners. The first… Read More »