Causes and Fixes of a Jeep ESP BAS Light

By | April 22, 2024

Causes and Fixes of ESP BAS Light Jeep
If you have a Jeep and the ESP BAS light comes on, several things can cause the problem.

When troubleshooting an ESP light issue, an OBDII scan tool will be needed to read the codes on the computer (ECM)

If you don’t have an OBDII scan tool, most auto parts stores will scan the vehicle for free.

What is an ESP BAS Light on a Jeep?

The ESP (Electronic Stability Program) was created to give a driver better control over the vehicle when driving in adverse conditions.

For example, when driving on a wet slippery road, the ESP system will help to give better traction and control.

This gives the vehicle much easier steering and drive-ability when the road conditions are not ideal.

The ESP light will flash briefly when it is working and then go off.

If the light stays on continuously and the driving conditions are good there is a problem with the ESP system.

Below are the most common causes of an ESP BAS Light to stay on.

Be sure to check all the fuses before doing any of the fixes below.

Causes and Fixes of ESP BAS Light Jeep

  • (SAS) Steering Angle Sensor
  • Causes and Fixes of ESP BAS Light Jeep Steering Angle Sensor
    The steering wheel angle sensor is a common problem that causes the ESP BAS light to stay on.

    The sensor may be bad or just need to be realigned.

    First, try to realign the steering wheel angle sensor, which is a series of turning the wheel full left, full right, and then center.

    Here are the steps to realign a Jeep angle sensor. If it does not work the first time, try once more to be sure it is done correctly.

    How To Realign a Jeep Steering Angle Sensor

    1. Put the Jeep in park and turn the engine ON.
    2. Turn the steering wheel to the left until full lock.
    3. Turn the steering wheel to the right to full lock.
    4. Turn the steering wheel to the center (Wheels Straight).
    5. Turn engine off, then restart.
    6. Drive the Jeep, and the light should go off after you get into second gear.

    If the above steps do not work, the steering wheel sensor may be bad. An OBDII scan tool will be needed to see what the error code is.

  • Wheel Speed Sensor
  • Causes and Fixes of ESP BAS Light Jeep Wheel Sensor
    Each wheel has a sensor that reports data to the ECM.

    If one goes bad, it will cause the ESP BAS light to come on.

    Wiring can also be an issue with a bad connection causing the same symptoms as a bad sensor.

    An OBDII scan tool will be needed to check the onboard computer (ECM) for any error codes.
    Causes and Fixes of ESP BAS Light Jeep Wheel Sensor Code C1035
    Common Jeep Wheel Speed Sensor OBDII Error Codes

    • C1035 Right Rear Wheel Speed
    • C1020 Left Rear Wheel Speed Sensor
    • C1015 Right Front Wheel Speed Sensor Circuit
    • C100A Left Front Wheel Speed Sensor Circuit
    • C1032 Right Rear Wheel Speed

    The rear sensor is the easiest to replace, while the front sensors are much harder.
    Causes and Fixes of ESP BAS Light Jeep Wheel Sensor Rear

    Other Possible Causes of a Jeep ESP BAS Light

    Wiring can also be an issue and should be examined to see if a bad connection is causing the error.

    Other components in the system that may cause an issue are the brake switch, rotor, and brake pad.

    While not common, a low tire may also cause a problem, although this is likely rare.

If the ESP light has come on and stays on, there is a problem in the ESP BAS system.

The first thing to do is use an OBDII scan tool to scan the onboard computer (ECM) for any OBDII error codes.

If you do not have a scan tool, most automotive stores will do a scan for free.

There are also many budget scan tools that can be bought and used.

The most common cause is the steering angle sensor or wheel speed sensor.

Be sure to do a wheel speed sensor alignment to see if the light goes off.

The steering angle sensor is located in the steering wheel and will need to be replaced if it is bad.

There are four-wheel speed sensors located at each tire that will also need to be replaced if bad.

The rear sensors are not too difficult to replace, but the front sensors can be a bit difficult.

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