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Causes and Fixes P0118 Code Honda

If you have a Honda with a P0118 error code, there is a problem with a coolant heat sensor. The official definition is an “Engine Coolant Temperature Sensor 1 Circuit High.” There can be 2-4 engine coolant temperature sensors (ECT) in a Honda, depending on the year and model. What is a P0118 Code Honda… Read More »

How to Test and Replace an Engine Temperature Sensor

Symptoms of a Bad Engine Coolant Temperature Sensor How a Temperature Sensor Works Coolant Temperature Sensor Location How Much Does it Cost for a Coolant Temperature Sensor? Common Engine Coolant Temperature Sensor OBDII Codes How To Test a Coolant Temperature Sensor Replacing a Coolant Temperature Sensor Like all sensors on an engine, an engine coolant… Read More »

Symptoms of Low Fuel Pressure and What Causes It

If you have a car or truck and think it may have low fuel pressure, several symptoms are caused by fuel delivery issues. Symptoms include long start times, rough idle, check engine light on, misfire codes (P0300-P0308), engine running lean (P0171 Code), and reduced engine power. Low fuel pressure is often described as the vehicle… Read More »

Causes and Fixes Car Jerks When Accelerating

If you have a car that when the gas pedal is pressed and you are accelerating, there is a jerking motion, this can be caused by several things. Possible causes include air intake, gas delivery, spark, timing, and transmission issues. Each category, such as fuel delivery, needs to work correctly, or it can cause issues.… Read More »

Symptoms of Bad Engine Motor Mounts

Motor mounts are necessary components that bolt the engine to the frame of a vehicle. When a mount fails, there can be varying symptoms, such as vibrations or clunking and thud noises. What is an Engine Motor Mount? An engine motor mount secures the engine to the frame of a vehicle and helps to absorb… Read More »

Backyardmechanic About Us – Contact Us – Disclaimer Page

If you have any questions, contact me with email, Linkedin, or in the comment section below. Contact Email: [email protected] About Backyard Mechanic Writers About Bob Thomas Linkedin Profile: Repair Videos: YouTube Channel Hi, I am Bob Thomas an automotive mechanic with 30-plus years of experience. I am a contributor to several book publications and… Read More »

5 Symptoms of a Bad Purge Valve

A bad purge valve can have varying symptoms and will need to be examined and tested to see if it has failed. The main symptoms include the engine light staying on, less fuel mileage, and failing an emission test. What is the Purge Valve? The purge valve is a component in a vehicle’s EVAP system… Read More »

Symptoms of a Bad Throttle Position Sensor

A throttle position sensor (TPS) is a necessary component in modern vehicles that sends information about the amount of gas that goes into the engine. When a TPS fails, it can cause various symptoms since the air-fuel ratio will be incorrect, which can cause the engine to run badly. What is the Throttle Position Sensor?… Read More »

7 Common Symptoms of a Bad Engine Thermostat

A bad engine thermostat can cause several symptoms, most commonly overheating, but other symptoms can also occur. Symptoms include overheating, not warming up during cold weather, coolant leaks, and more. What is an Engine Thermostat A vehicle thermostat helps an engine heat up quickly and then helps to maintain a set temperature. It will stay… Read More »