How to Open Gas Tank Door on Chevy Malibu (2015-2023)

By | January 2, 2024

How to Open Gas Tank on Chevy Malibu
If you have a Chevy Malibu and can not find the gas tank button, you are not alone, as this is a common question with the car.

There is no gas tank button as the fuel door is pressed on and will pop open when done correctly.

The main car doors must also be unlocked, or the door will not open.

Below are the full steps to open the fuel tank door on a Chevy Malibu.

How to Open Gas Tank on Chevy Malibu (2015-2023)

  1. Be sure the main doors are unlocked and press on the back of the gas tank door.
  2. How to Open Gas Tank on Chevy Malibu Step 1

  3. Once pressed correctly, the door will pop open.
  4. How to Open Gas Tank on Chevy Malibu Step 2

  5. The door should now be open (Note: some Chevy Malibu’s have no gas cap)
  6. How to Open Gas Tank on Chevy Malibu Step 3

The Chevy Malibu is a great car with many new options and features.

One of these features is a button-less gas tank door that opens when it is pressed on.

Many drivers are confused when first trying to add gas to the new Malibu as they have changed the design.

Once understood how it works, it is easier, but no doubt confuses many such as someone who rents the Malibu and needs to add gas.

All the vehicle’s main doors need to be unlocked, or the gas tank door will not open.

To open the door, simply press at the back of the door toward the rear of the car, and the door should pop open.

Another note of interest is that many new 2015-2023 Chevy Malibu’s do not have a gas cap.

When the door latch is open, you will simply add gas and close the door.

This is a unique design and may confuse the many drivers who are used to having a gas cap to remove.

Have you had a problem or an issue opening the gas tank door on a Chevy Malibu? Let us know your thoughts below.


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