Bad Torque Converter vs Bad Transmission

A torque converter and automatic transmission are two of the main components that work together to shift gears and move a vehicle forward. Often they are thought of as the same component but are separate parts. What is the Torque Converter? A torque converter is located at the front of an automatic transmission and is… Read More »

Our Picks for Best Portable Jump Starters 2023

Portable car battery smart jump starters have become very popular in recent years. Portable jump starters are a great item in an emergency when a battery has lost its charge. Modern-day devices, from smartphones to laptops, can drain a battery leaving a user in need of a jump which makes emergency jump kits a good… Read More »

How to Replace Headlight Bulb 2005-2010 Chevy Cobalt

Replacing the headlight bulb on a 2005-2010 Chevrolet Cobalt is an easy task that falls in the DIY category. The headlight assembly needs to be removed, which is held in place with two 10mm bolts. Removing the headlight assembly is sometimes easier than removing the center plastic from the bumper. While not necessary; removing the… Read More »

5 Symptoms of a Bad Purge Valve

A bad purge valve can have varying symptoms and will need to be examined and tested to see if it has failed. The main symptoms include the engine light staying on and failing an emission test. What is the Purge Valve? The purge valve is a component in a vehicle’s EVAP system which is for… Read More »

3 Causes and Fixes P0121 Chevy Silverado

If you have a Chevy Silverado and get a P0121 error code, there is a problem with the throttle body. An OBDII scan tool will give the error as “Throttle Position (TP) Sensor 1 Performance.” Some scan tools will give the error as “Throttle Pedal Position Sensor Switch (TPS) A Circuit Range Performance Problem.” What… Read More »