5 Causes and Fixes Ford P0022 OBDII Code

If you have a Ford vehicle with a P0022 OBDII Code is having a problem with the timing. It can be caused by several things with each component needing to be tested. What is a Ford P0022 Code? A Ford P0022 error Code is an “Intake Camshaft Position Timing – Over-Retarded (Bank 2).” The onboard… Read More »

What Is an Engine O2 Sensor?

The O2 or oxygen sensor is a major component in modern fuel injection engines and allows for better efficiency and emissions. It is the main sensor the onboard computer (ECM) receives data from when regulating the fuel-air ratio mixture. The O2 sensor affects everything from fuel economy to performance and catalytic converter efficiency. How Does… Read More »

Our Picks for Best 12-Volt Car Heated Seat Cushion

Having a good heated car seat goes a long way in helping to stay warm and comfortable during cold days. They have many uses, from simply getting warm quickly or even getting heat when a vehicle’s built-in heater stops working. There are many units available, including material type and heat output. There are many good… Read More »

Causes and Fixes Dodge P0420 Code

If you have a Dodge car or truck with a P0420 code, the onboard computer (ECM) is seeing an issue with the catalytic converter. The P0420 code can be caused by several things, including failed converter or failed 02 sensors. What is a Dodge P0420 Code? A Dodge P0420 OBDII error code is a “Catalyst… Read More »

Cause and Fixes P2646 Error Code Honda CRV

A Honda CRV with a P2646 error code is having an issue with the oil pressure. A P2646 code in a Honda can have various symptoms, such as stalling or going into Limp Mode. What is a Honda CRV P2646 OBDII Error Code? A P2646 OBDII error code is an “P2646: Rocker arm actuator A-… Read More »

What is a P0443 OBDII Engine Code?

If your engine light comes on and using an OBDII scan tool, you get a P0443 code; it can be diagnosed and fixed in several steps. A P0443 OBDII engine code means the computer sees a malfunction with the EVAP (Evaporative Emission) Control System Purge Valve Circuit. The EVAP system sends fumes from the gas… Read More »