5 Causes and Fixes Ford P0022 Error Code

By | March 11, 2024

Ford P0022 Code

  • A Ford P0022 error code is an “Intake Camshaft Position Timing – Over-Retarded (Bank 2).”
  • Common causes include dirty engine oils, bad or clogged VCT solenoid, and slipped timing chain
  • Symptoms can vary but include low oil pressure, limo modem, engine pinging, and more.

If you have a Ford vehicle with a P0022 OBDII Code is having a problem with the timing.

It can be caused by several things with each component needing to be tested.

What is a Ford P0022 Code?

A Ford P0022 code is an “Intake Camshaft Position Timing – Over-Retarded (Bank 2).”
Causes and Fixes Ford P0022 OBDII Code
The onboard computer (ECM) is seeing an issue with the timing.

A timing error can be Advanced too much, or the opposite called Retarded.

Older vehicles before Cam Sensors could use the distributor to adjust small variations in the timing.

Clockwise turns would Retarded the timing while a counterclockwise direction would Advance it.

Modern vehicles have computer-controlled ignition systems which use sensors to manage the timing of an engine.

An engine, Bank-2, is on the opposite side of the number-1 cylinder.

5 Common Causes and Fixes Ford P0022 Error Code

  1. Low or Dirty Oil

  2. Low or dirty oil can affect the VCT Solenoid, which is related to the timing of the valve lift.

    Check the oil and be sure it is at the correct level and is not extremely dirty.

  3. VCT Solenoid and VCT Phaser
  4. VCT Solenoid and VCT Phaser
    The VCT Solenoid controls the cam lift at different speeds.

    It works with the VCT Phaser to adjust the timing.
    Ford F-150 3.5 & 5.0 Variable Cam Timing PHASER
    Examples of Ford engines that have the VCT System include the 2011 and newer Ford F-150 engines with the 3.5L V6 or 5.0L Ti-VCT V8.

    The Ford Mustang equipped with a 2.3-Liter EcoBoost Twin-Independent Variable Cam Timing (Ti-VCT) engine also has the VCT System.

    If the solenoid does not have proper oil flowing through it, it will malfunction.
    Ford VCT Pic 2
    The wiring can also be an issue if there is an open or a short.

    The solenoid can also be checked to see if it has failed and needs to be replaced.

    There can be two VCT solenoids with Bank-2 having the issue.

    Bank-2 is the opposite side of the number-1 cylinder on an engine.

  5. Wiring
  6. Ford Cam Sensor Wiring
    A bad wiring connection to the VCT Solenoid or the Camshaft Position Sensor can cause problems.

    Check each connection point and be sure the pins are all the way in and there are no open wires.

    A multi-meter can also be sure to test there are no open or shorts.

  7. Timing Chain
  8. Ford Timing Chain
    A timing chain that has slipped or has become worn and stretched can cause issues.

    The timing can be checked by aligning the cam and crank to the proper spot.

    If no other issue can be found with the engine and the timing chain has a lot of miles on it, past its rated use, it may be best to replace it.

  9. Camshaft Position Sensor
  10. Ford Cam Sensor
    The Camshaft Position Sensor reports to the onboard computer (ECM) the location of the Camshaft as it spins.

    If it goes bad or starts to fail, it can cause issues with the timing.

    The wiring going to the sensor can also cause issues, mainly if there is a bad connection at the harness.

A Ford vehicle with a P0022 OBDII Code engine code is having a timing-related issue.

There are several components that can cause the issue with each needs to be checked.

First, check the oil and be sure it is at the correct level and not dirty.

Next, check the VCT Solenoid since it directly affects the engine timing.
VCT Solenoid
The wiring can also be checked for any bad connection and open or short.

If all the above components test good, then very likely the timing chain is worn and stretched or has slipped.

Have you had a Ford with a P0022 Code? Let us know your thoughts below.

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