Causes and Fixes of a P0455 OBDII Error Code

By | March 1, 2022

The Most Common Causes of a P0455 Error Code
If an engine light comes up on your dashboard, and after using a scan tool to read the error, it comes up with a P0455 error code, there are some common causes.

The causes will be the same for Ford, Dodge, Chevy, or any foreign and domestic vehicle.

What is a P0455 OBDII Error Code?
A P0455 Code is an Evap System Large Leak Detected.

The Evap system helps stop vapors from the gas tank from escaping into the atmosphere.

A standard Esp system has several components which keep the gas tank sealed and fed fumes back into the engine to be burnt away.

Below are the most common causes and fixes for a P0455 code.

Causes and Fixes of a P0455 OBDII Error Code

  1. Gas Cap
  2. The Most Common Causes of a P0455 Error Code Gas Cap
    A bad or loose gas cap will cause a P0455 and is the most common fix.

    Often the cap simply was not put back on, but a bad one can also cause this error.

    Tighten the cap; if the code comes back, replace it. If the code comes back again, the problem is elsewhere.

  3. Purge Valve
  4. Causes and Fixes P1457 Code Honda Civic Purge Valve
    A bad purge valve can cause a P0455 error code.

    The purge valve is usually located near the throttle body and will have 2-3 hoses on it.

    A purge valve opens and closes to let the fumes from the gas tank be burnt away.

    While the vehicle is off, the valve will close, and when the vehicle is running, it will open.

  5. Evap Canister
  6. The Most Common Causes of a P0455 Error Code Evap Canister Vent Valve
    The Evap Canister allows the system to vent when needed.

    If the canister goes bad they can cause a leak to appear in the system.

    A bad canister can leak causing a P0455 to show up.

    The Evap Canister is usually located near the gas tank but be sure to read the manual for the location on your vehicle.

The above are the most common causes for a P0455 code, but of course, it could be something else.

For example, if a gas tank was somehow damaged, creating a hole can also potentially create the same error.

Wiring can also cause an error with a bad connection giving the computer the wrong results.

Most of the time, it is a bad gas cap, but if after replacing it, the code comes back, the Evap Canister Vent Valve would be the next likely problem.

A mechanic with a good scan tool and a smoke machine can tell what has gone bad, which usually costs.

If the Vent Valve is easy to get to, it may be worth replacing once the gas cap has been ruled out.

Keep in mind there are other problems that can cause this error, such as wiring with the below options the most common.

Of course, if in doubt, always take your vehicle to a certified mechanic.



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