Our Picks for Best Evap Smoke Machines To Find Vacuum Leaks 2021

By | January 3, 2021

Our Picks for Best Evap Smoke Machines To Find Vacuum Leaks
Vacuum leaks that give Evap codes can be a pain to find at times and cause an engine to not run correctly.

If the leak is small enough it can often be ignored but an engine light will come on which is not good in many scenarios.

An Evap Smoke machine is an easy answer to this and makes finding vacuum leaks an easy task.

They work by feeding harmless smoke into the intake of an engine which comes out of the leak making it visible.

Seeing the smoke come out of a leak is a quick and easy way to find and fix an Evap problem.

The one downside to this is that Smoke Machines are not low-cost tools and are for those who will be doing a lot of repairs.

If you are trying to fix a single-vehicle a smoke machine will usually cost more than taking it to a mechanic shop.

If you do have a lot of repairs or are a busy shop a smoke machine will make for a good purchase and save on time when looking for an Evap problem.

There is no doubt many good units with those below simply some of our favorite options.

As always be sure to read the reviews on Amazon, forms, or elsewhere to be sure a unit is a good fit for you.

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Our Picks for Best Evap Smoke Machines To Find Vacuum Leaks 2021

  1. OTC 6522 Leak Tamer
  2. OTC 6522 LeakTamer EVAP Smoke Diagnostic Machine

    The OTC 6522 Leak Tamer is a popular option that’s been available for a few years.

    Our Picks for Best Evap Smoke Machines To Find Vacuum Leaks Leak Tamer
    It can find leaks as small as 0.020 inch in diameter quickly and easily.

    From exhaust, intake, evap, and coolant leaks, the OTC 6522 is a good unit that won’t disappoint and make finding leaks easy.

  3. Smoke-Tek
  4. Evap/Vacuum Smoke Machine Tool -Test for Automotive Leaks

    If your looking for a good budget unit the Smoke-Tek is worth a look.

    It is built more for a backyard mechanic than a busy shop and works well enough.

    While much cheaper compared to other units it is a good fit for those who only need to use the machine occasionally.

    If you are a do-it-yourself part-time mechanic it is a good unit to get.

  5. AUTOOL SDT-208
  6. AUTOOL SDT-208 Automotive EVAP Leak Detector, 12V/24V Fuel Leak Tester Machine for All Vehicles

    The AUTOOL SDT-208 is built for a busy shop that needs a well-built machine for a lot of use.

    It is a very nice unit but more than most will need with many nice features.

    It also can help smoke out OBD2 Evap codes at the leak location.

  7. Redline Detection 95-0003B
  8. Redline Detection 95-0003c Smoke Pro Total Tech Leak Detector

    The Redline Detection 95-0003B is another very nice unit to find leaks.

    It uses basic baby oil to produce smoke which is a good low-cost solution compared to dyes or other products.

    Redline makes it easy to quickly find a vacuum leak usually in less than 5 minutes.

How Do You Check for EVAP Leaks?
An EVAP smoke machine is connected to a vehicles vacuum often at the intake manifold and smoke sent in.

The smoke is harmless and comes out at the leak location which can then be sealed.

Some units can also send a dye out the leak which can be easier in some scenarios.

How Do You Check for Smoke in a Vacuum Leak?
Smoke EVAP machines send smoke out a leak which can be visibly seen.

Some units can also use a dye which can be seen coming out from a leak.

How Long Does a Smoke Test Take?
Once a unit is hooked up they take very little time to send smoke out from the leak.

Most units once set up can take as little as 3-5 minutes to work.

How Much is a Smoke Evap Test for a Car?
This will vary and depend on location and the mechanic shop.

The average mechanic shop cost between $80 to $100 an hour but can vary.

Most mechanics will be able to run a smoke test in under an hour.

Is an EVAP Leak Serious?
Usually, an evap leak will cause a car or truck to run badly.

How big the leak is will often have a direct impact on how well the vehicle runs.

A vehicle with a small leak often will seem to run fine but an engine light will likely come on.

A vehicle with a big leak will likely run badly and need to be fixed before driving.

Is it OK to Drive with an EVAP Leak?
If the leak is small it may be unnoticeable except for an engine light which will come on.

If the leak is large the vehicle will likely run bad and need to be fixed before driving.

Who mMakes the Best EVAP Smoke Machine?
Which unit is the best is debatable and will no-doubt vary among mechanics.

Each unit has its own features that will need to fit a user along with cost.

A part-time DIY mechanic will likely only need a low-cost unit with basic features.

A full-time professional mechanic will likely need a very good durable unit with many features that last many years.

Having an Evap Smoke machine is a nice thing to have when it comes time to find and fix an Evap code from an OBDII scan tool.

They are simple to use and send smoke out the leak making it clearly visible where the leak is located.

They can also be used to find coolant leaks and other hard to find holes by sending smoke into the system.



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