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Service Battery Charging System (Chevy GM) Causes and Fixes

If you have a Chevy and GM vehicle that is displaying “Service Battery Charging System” on the dashboard, there can be several causes. Causes include a failed alternator, failed battery, sensor, and more. What is Service Battery Charging System? The onboard computer will display the “Service Battery Charging System” message on the dashboard when a… Read More »

Causes and Fixes P0496 Code GMC Acadia

If you have a GMC Acadia with a P0496 error code, the onboard computer (ECM) is seeing a problem with the EVAP system. A GMC P0449 OBDII error code is listed as “Evaporative Emission (EVAP) System Flow During Non-Purge.” Common causes include a bad gas cap that is not sealing or purge valve. Causes and… Read More »

4 Causes and Fixes P0017 Error Code GMC Acadia

If you have a GMC Acadia with a P0017 OBDII error code, there is a problem with the timing. An OBDII scan tool will give the error P0017 Crankshaft Position (CKP) – Exhaust Camshaft Position (CMP) Correlation Bank 1. Several failed components can cause a P0017 OBDII error code with the GMC Acadia, including sensors… Read More »