4 Causes and Fixes P0017 Error Code GMC Acadia

By | September 12, 2022

Causes and Fixes P0017 GMC Acadia
If you have a GMC Acadia with a P0017 OBDII error code, there is a problem with the timing.

An OBDII scan tool will give the error P0017 Crankshaft Position (CKP) – Exhaust Camshaft Position (CMP) Correlation Bank 1.

Several failed components can cause a P0017 OBDII error code with the GMC Acadia, including sensors and timing chain.

GMC Acadia P0017 Error Code Symptoms

  • Engine Light On
  • Possibly Stalling
  • Possibly Running Rough
  • Possibly Only Engine Light with no Other Symptoms

There can be different symptoms with a P0017 code depending on which part has failed and how badly the part has failed.

Some report the vehicle running badly and stalling, while others will only have a check engine light on.

Since there are varying symptoms, all the components to do with timing will need to be checked.

4 Causes and Fixes P0017 Error Code GMC Acadia

  1. Timing Chain
  2. Causes and Fixes P0017 GMC Acadia Timing Chains
    If the timing chain is worn and stretched, it will cause a P0017 error code.

    This is a common problem with high mileage GMC Acadia’s. The timing chain is usually replaced every 100,000 miles but can fail sooner.

    When the chain goes bad, it will cause issues and need to be replaced with the GM 3.6 VVT having two timing chains.

    Many DIY type individuals do replace timing chains, but it is not an easy job with many parts needing to be removed to get the new chain on.

    If you have some mechanical experience, you will likely have no issue, but if you have minimal experience, it is best to get help or take it to a shop.

    There are many YouTube videos to watch to see if replacing the timing chain falls into the DIY category for you.

  3. Crankshaft Position Sensor
  4. Causes and Fixes P0017 GMC Acadia Crank Position Sensor
    The Crankshaft Position Sensor reports data to the onboard computer (ECM) the location of the crank as it spins, which is used for timing information.

    It is one of the sensors that, if it fails, can cause a P0017 error code.

    Replacing a Crankshaft Position Sensor is a straightforward task that falls in the DIY category.

  5. Camshaft Position Sensor
  6. The Camshaft Position Sensor reports data on the camshaft position, which the ECM uses for timing.

    When it fails, it can also cause a P0017 error code.

    Replacing a Camshaft Position Sensor is a straightforward task that falls in the DIY category.

  7. Fuse or Wiring
  8. While rare, a blown fuse or a bad wire can cause a P0017 issue.

    For example, if the Crankshaft Position Sensor has a wire that has been pulled off and is open, it will cause the same symptoms as a failed sensor.

    While not common, it is something to keep in mind for hard-to-find causes.

    A P0017 error code with a GMC Acadia is a timing issue which can be the timing chain or a sensor.

    If the engine runs good, but the light comes on, the chain may have only begun to fail and soon need a replacement.

    If the engine runs very badly, it can be the sensors to the chain.

    The sensors are low-cost items that are much easier to replace than the timing chain, so it is likely best to replace them first.

    Have you had a problem with a GMC Acadia and a P0017 error code? Let us know your thoughts below.

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One thought on “4 Causes and Fixes P0017 Error Code GMC Acadia

  1. Dan

    This vehicle has the P0017 code as well as P000C codeand P0366. Someone already replaced the crankshaft sensor. According to the owner it was running okay at times and very rough at others. It is now a no start vehicle or so I thought until I was working on it and it all of a sudden starting running just fine. Before I could get all the other non running vehicles out off the way it eventually died and has not run since. About 120k miles on the car. Any thoughts why it would suddenly start running, die and not restart. Thanks.


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