4 Causes and Fixes of a Chevy P0452 Code

By | September 12, 2022

Causes and Fixes P0452 Chevy
If you have a Chevy with a P0452 OBDII error code, there is a problem with the fuel tank pressure sensor.

An OBDII scan tool will give a “P0452 Evap Emission Control system Pressure Sensor Low.”

While the sensor may be bad there are other things that can cause the error.

When a problem with the Evap system is fixed, the vehicle must be driven 100-200 miles, complete the emission monitors, and pass a smog test.

4 Causes and Fixes of a Chevy P0452 Code

  1. Gas Cap
  2. Causes and Fixes P0452 Code Chevy Gas Cap
    A loose or gas cap that is not sealing god can cause a P0452 OBDII code.

    The gas cap is a part of the EVAP system, which needs so seal, so fumes do not escape into the atmosphere.

    When the gas cap does not seal, it can cause an issue with the EVAP system.

    The first step is to be sure it is closed and sealed and then drive the vehicle for around 100 miles and see if the code clears.

    In some cases, a new gas cap is needed.

  3. Fuel Tank Pressure Sensor Wiring Harness
  4. Fuel Tank Pressure Sensor
    The wiring harness sends a signal to the onboard computer (ECM), which will give an error code when there is a malfunction.

    A loose wire can cause problems such as a shorted or open wire.

    Check the harness for any loose connections, and be sure the plug is seated all the way in.

  5. Fuel Tank Pressure Sensor
  6. Fuel Tank Pressure Sensor Wiring Harness
    If the fuel tank pressure sensor fails, it will cause a P0452 error code.

    The sensor uses a 0.1-4.0 volts DC signal to the ECU to show what the pressure is.

    When the pressure is low, the voltage drops.

    When the pressure is high, the voltage rises higher.

    When the vehicle runs for a set time, and the pressure does not change or is very low, the error code will be given.

  7. Purge Solenoid
  8. While the purge valve will usually give another code, such as P0497, it can, in some cases, cause a P0452 code.

    The valve stays shut when the vehicle is not running so gas fumes do not escape and opens when the vehicle is running so the fumes can be burnt off in the engine.

    If the valve gets stuck open or closed it could potentially cause an issue.

A Chevrolet with a P0452 Code is usually an easy fix with several causes.

The first step is to check the gas cap is sealing well.

The next this to check the fuel tank pressure sensor wiring harness and be sure all the wires are making a good connection.

A bad fuel tank pressure sensor will also cause problems and can be replaced to rule it out.

If you need to pas a smog test be sure to drive the vehicle at least 100 miles for the onboard computer to do the necessary checks.

Have you had problems with a Chevy P0452 Code? Let us know your thoughts below.

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