Our Picks for Best Automatic Shifters

By | September 14, 2022

Our Picks for Best Automatic Shifters
Automatic Shifters are a specialty performance part that gives more control to a driver and looks cool doing it.

While mainly used for drag racing, they also can be used whenever more control over a vehicle is needed.

If you are looking to get an automatic shifter, there are many available with those below some of our favorite picks.

What Is an Automatic Shifter?

An automatic shifter can give a driver more control when a car or truck transmission shifts gears.

Sometimes called a slap stick, they can shift into gears quickly with a hand on the lever.
Our Picks for Best Automatic Shifters Overview
They don’t have a manual clutch to press on and only need a quick hit to the shifter to change gears.

This quick action makes them ideal in many scenarios any time performance is wanted.

How Hard Is an Automatic Shifter to Install?

Most all automatic shifters will come with a kit full of brackets and screws for them to mount into the vehicle.

When buying a unit, be sure it can match your transmission, such as a Dodge 727 or Chevy 350.

The engine will not matter if the shifter fits and works in the car or truck, only the transmission type.

It can matter how tight everything is packed in, such as headers and how well a unit fits, but all kits must match the transmission.
How Hard Is an Automatic Shifter to Install
As with retrofitting anything, sometimes brackets will need to be modified or created to make an installation work.

There are many good units available, with some of our favorite picks below.

As always, be sure to read reviews on Amazon, here, or elsewhere to be sure a unit is a right pick for you.

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Our Picks for Best Automatic Shifters

  1. TCI 616541
  2. Best Automatic Shifters 2021 TCI 616541 Fast Gate Shifter

    Available Here on Amazon

    Available Here on eBay

    The TCI 616541 is a low-cost solution that is a good buy for the money.

    It comes with mounting brackets, cable, and a shifter that works well in many setups.
    Best Automatic Shifters TCI
    The unit is designed to work in most any 3 or 4-speed transmissions.

    The TCI 616541 is a good budget solution that works very well for the money.

  3. B&M 80675 StarShifter
  4. Best Automatic Shifters 2021 B&M 80675 StarShifter
    Available Here on Amazon

    Available Here on eBay

    B&M has been around for many years and makes many notoriously good shifters.

    The 80675 StarShifter is a good unit that won’t break the bank.

    It will match up to GM TH400 or 35O as well as Chrysler A727 and A904 transmissions.

    We installed it on a 72 Chevy Nova with headers, and it is a nice unit.

    The control mechanisms are at the base of the shifter and not at the transmission, which helped with clearance issues.

  5. B&M 80842 Pro Ratchet
  6. Best Automatic Shifters B and M Pro Shifter
    Available Here on Amazon

    Available Here on eBay
    The B&M 80842 is another very nice shifter.

    The shift mechanism is a good clean shifting unit that won’t break the bank.

    It also has a neutral safety switch for those with safety in mind.

  7. Hurst 3162002
  8. Best Automatic shifter Hurst
    Available Here on Amazon

    Available Here on eBay
    Hurst is another well-known manufacture with many good products.

    The Hurst 3162002 is one such item with a very cool handle grip.

    Like all automatic shifters, it takes a few tries to learn, but it is more than awesome once you have it down.

    It goes straight into 1st gear quick and easy and into 2nd fast with no trigger.

    2nd to 3rd gear, the trigger is pulled with a smooth, quick action.

Automatic shifters are for those serious about racing and wanting the best performance possible from their car or truck.

They also look great and look very nice compared to stock shifters.

Installing a kit will be different for every vehicle with no two ever the same.

The many different body types and engines and transmissions always make an install different.

There are many good units available with those above simply some of our favorite options.

Do you have a favorite automatic shifter? Let us know your thoughts below.

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3 thoughts on “Our Picks for Best Automatic Shifters

  1. Rack star

    I installed a B&M shifter on my Ford with a C6 transmission and all of the gears seem to work fine except for when I put it into ratchet action it will not go one two three as you bump the shifter

  2. Caeser

    Im working on a 72 monte carlo with the B&M StarShifter. Neutral safety nor reverse light switch weren’t ran to the shifter, nor did the shifter have the micro switches installed on it. Went and bought the micro switches and got them mounted onto the shifter. Only problem i am having now is that the reverse lights stay on in park, and car still starts up in all gears. I have the reverse light wires going to the inner switch, and neutral wires going to the outer switch. Have tried everything and still is not working correctly. What do you think it could be?

  3. Andrew P Murphy

    Looking for a shifter formy truck. Installed a hemi with the transmission that came with it. I own a 2007 dodge ram 1500 that had a 4.7 with the 6 speed manual transmission but the motor grenaded. Price does not matter but it must be a floorshifter seeing as i do not want a column shifter. Anyone knowwhere i can get one please.


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