Causes and Fixes P2111 Code Throttle Actuator A Control System Stuck Open

By | February 20, 2024

  • P2111 Code: Throttle Actuator A Control System Stuck Open
  • The Throttle Body is Having an Issue That Needs Fixed
  • Common Causes Include a Bad Throttle Body, Wiring, and a Bad Sensor.

A vehicle with a P2111 code is having an issue with the electronic throttle body and will need to be troubleshooted to know why.

Some possible causes include a dirty or bad throttle body, throttle body wiring, bad sensor, and possibly a bad computer module (ECM/PCM/TAC)

What is a P2111 Engine Code?

A P2111 engine code is a “Throttle Actuator A Control System Stuck Open.”

The Throttle Actuator is a DC motor controlled by a computer that opens and shuts the throttle body plate (butterfly).

Which computer controls the actuator can vary between vehicles.

The Throttle Actuator Control (TAC) is all the components involved, including wiring, DC motor, butterfly, sensors, and computer (ECM/PCM/TAC)

Note: If the throttle body is replaced, it may have a Throttle Relearn procedure.

Causes and Fixes P2111 Code Throttle Actuator A Control System Stuck Open

  • Wiring (Open/Short/Bad Connections)

  • If the wiring going to the throttle body and the computer has a bad connection, it can cause issues.

    Physically check the wire and be sure there is no damage or anything unplugged.

    The wiring can also be checked with a meter and a schematic for the vehicle.

  • Dirty Throttle Body (Needs Cleaned)
  • dirty throttle body
    A dirty throttle body can cause many issues, including a P2111 code.

    If the inside looks dirty with a lot of build-up, it is a good idea to clean it up.

    A can of throttle body air intake cleaner can be bought to clean it up, along with a rag.

  • Bad Throttle Body (Needs Replaced)

  • The throttle body may also have failed and need to be replaced.

    If the butterfly plate is not opening and shutting correctly it will need to be fixed or replaced.

    Some vehicles require a throttle re-learn procured if it is replaced.

  • Bad Computer Control Module

  • A small motor on the throttle body opens and shuts the butterfly plate, which allows air to go into the engine.

    The motor is controlled by a computer to control the airflow.

    If the computer has failed, it can cause issues, including a P2111 code.

    The computer can be a dedicated unit called a TAC (Throttle Actuator A Control Module), or depending on the vehicle, it can be controlled by the ECM (Engine Control Module), PCM (Power Train Control Module)

  • Bad Sensor

  • A bad sensor related to the throttle body can also cause issues.

    This includes the Throttle Position Sensor and Pedal Position Sensor.

    When a sensor goes bad, usually, there is another code that points to the sensor.

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