Causes and Fixes Nissan C1130 Code: Engine Signal 1

By | February 13, 2024

  • A Nissan C1130 Code is an “Engine Signal 1” Error
  • The ABS Anti-Lock Brake Module Has Bad Data
  • This is Usually Caused by Another Malfunction, Such as as an Engine Issue.

A Nissan with a C1130 Code is having an issue with the ABS module.

The code does not necessarily mean the ABS module is bad but that it does not have the information it needs to work.

It simply means that the ABS module has bad data, which may be caused by another bad mechanical component.

If the engine is having a malfunction the ABS module will not be able to get the data it needs to complete its task.

What is a Nissan C1130 Code

A Nissan C1130 Code is an “Engine Signal 1.”

This code is set when the ABS module does not have the information it needs to complete its functions.
ABS ECM Diagram with CAN Bus
The ABS (anti-lock brake) module needs information from the engine, such as throttle control and RPM, or it can not complete its task.

This includes traction control, cruise control, anti-lock braking, forward emergency braking, and more.

When the ABS module has no information or the wrong information, it will give a C1130 Code.

Possible Causes of a Nissan C1130 Code:

  • Blown Fuse
  • Engine or Transmission Malfunction
  • Bad Computer Control Module (ABS/ECM/PCM/TCM)
  • Bad ABS Actuator
  • Wiring Open/Short in CAN (Control Area Network) Bus

How to Troubleshoot a Nissan C1130 Code

  • Scan for other codes on all computer modules ECM, PCM, and TCM.
  • Be sure to have a scan tool that can scan all computer modules.
  • If there are “U” codes, there is an issue with the wiring or one of the computer modules.
  • Check for blown fuses; the battery is good, and the alternator is charging correctly.
  • There may also be an issue with the ABS module control unit/actuator, but it will usually give another code.

The first thing to do is scan for other OBDII codes since there is likely another issue causing the problem.

For example, if a scan shows a P0340 Code Camshaft Position Sensor Circuit Bank 1. The cause is likely the P0340 Code.

If there is a problem with the ABS module or any computer module there should be “U” codes.

For example, a U0415 code would point to an issue with the ABS module.

The wiring that runs between all the computer modules is called the CAN bus.

The CAN (Controller Area Network) is a protocol that allows computer modules to communicate with each other.

If there is an issue in the wiring or CAN bus, that would cause the modules not to be able to communicate and could cause a C1130 Code.

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