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Automotive Air Conditioning

Causes When Air Conditioning Only Works When Driving

If your air conditioning only works when you are driving, there are several causes and fixes. A vehicle A/C system’s main components include the condensing fan, condenser, compressor, and refrigerant. If one component fails, the system will stop blowing cold air, but some symptoms point to certain component failure. Below is the most common causes… Read More »

Basic Automotive Air Condition Theory

This is an introduction to the basics of automotive air conditioning service and repair. The place to start, of course, is with the basics – and in air conditioning, it is extremely important that you understand the principles behind what makes an air conditioning system work. This basic knowledge will be applied throughout all phases… Read More »

Automotive Air Conditioning

Refrigeration and air conditioning are not discoverers of the twenty first or even the twentieth century. Simple forms of refrigeration and air conditioning were in use twelve thousand years ago. Although these early systems were crude by today’s standards, they served the same purpose as modern units. Many aspects of modern life were made possible… Read More »