Guide: Dodge Neon Thermostat Replacement (1999-2005)

By | December 11, 2020

Guide Dodge Neon Thermostat Replacement 1999 2005 Overview 2021
Changing out a second generation Dodge Neon thermostat is a straight forward task that definitely falls in the DIY category.

A bad thermostat will cause a Dodge Neon or any car to overheat and needs replaced when bad.

As always call a mechanic if you don’t feel comfortable working on your own car.

Only a few tools are needed along with the thermostat which can be bought at any auto store or even on Amazon.

Items Needed

  • Thermostat for a Dodge Neon (1999-2005).
  • 10mm socket with an extension and ratchet.
  • Large pair of pliers and screwdriver.
  • Pan to catch leaking fluid.
  • Thermostat gasket or silicon.

Thermostat for (1999-2005) Dodge Neon on Amazon
Stant 14209 Thermostat – 195 Degrees Fahrenheit

Steps to Replace Dodge Neon Thermostat (1999-2005)

  1. Be sure the car is cooled down and not hot. If the car is hot the coolant will be under pressure and can burst out scalding anyone nearby.

    The thermostat is located on the left when looking into the engine compartment from the front. Place a pan under the car to catch any fluid that leaks out.
    Dodge Neon Thermostat Replacement
    Guide Dodge Neon Thermostat Replacement
    Pan to catch leaking coolant Dodge Neon

  2. Remove the coolant cap and remove the hose clamp. Some hose clamps have a screw on clamp while others have a pinch type clamp that is removed with a pair of pliers.
    Removing thermostat hose clamp dodge neon

    A second small hose also needs to be removed.
    Small hose thermostat replacment Dodge Neon

  3. Two 10mm bolts hold the assembly into place and need to be removed.
    10 mm bolt removal Dodge Neon thermostat
    Dodge Neon thermostat removal 2
  4. After the 10mm bolts are removed the housing will come off and the thermostat will be exposed.
    Dodge Neon thermostat housing removal
    Neon thermostat replacement
  5. The next step is to remove the old thermostat from the housing and insert the new one. The housing should be cleaned of any debris.
    Neon thermostat replacement aa
  6. The new thermostat will have notches that are aligned when inserting it.
    Dodge Neon thermostat install 2
  7. Both the thermostat housing and the engine should be cleaned so it can seal properly and not leak.
    Dodge Neon thermostat install and removal
  8. Insert the new thermostat and gasket and put it back together.
    Inserting new thermostat Neon
  9. Reinstall the 10mm bolts and connect the hoses.
    Dodge Neon thermostat install and removal 2
  10. Fluid will need to be added which will change after the Neon has warmed up and water flows past the thermostat.



2 thoughts on “Guide: Dodge Neon Thermostat Replacement (1999-2005)

  1. Skyler

    I took out my thermostat in my dodge due to it over heating. Now it never over heats and it still blows out hot air. Anyone know why? Just found it out before a new one in

  2. Beth

    What is the best way to clean the thermostat housing and the engine so it can seal properly. Is there a cleaner that needs to be used or do you just wipe it off till clean?


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