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Information to help fix Dodge Neon mechanical problems.

Guide: Dodge Neon Thermostat Replacement (1999-2005)

Changing out a second generation Dodge Neon thermostat is a straight forward task that definitely falls in the DIY category. A bad thermostat will cause a Dodge Neon or any car to overheat and needs replaced when bad. As always call a mechanic if you don’t feel comfortable working on your own car. Only a few tools are… Read More »

How To Change an Air Filter for a (2000-2005) Dodge Neon

Replacing the air filter on a 2000-2005 Dodge Neon is suggested to be done every 30,000 miles according to the manual. Of course, if you live in a dirty dust filled environment changing more often is likely best. Replacing the air filter is an easy job that most anyone can do and falls in the DIY category. The… Read More »

How to Replace Dodge Neon Headlight Switch (2000-2005)

A headlight switch problem in a Dodge Neon (2000-2005) is an easy repair job. The same replacement procedure also works in PT Cruisers. The headlight switch also controls the wiper, fog lamps, and turn signals. The first thing to do is to buy a compatible switch assembly to replace the old one. It can be bought most anywhere… Read More »

Dodge Neon Battery Light Comes On (1999-2005) What to Check

If the battery light has come on in your second generation Dodge Neon (1999-2005) a few things need to be checked to find the problem.   This is not meant to give a detailed guide but a basic overview of what needs to be checked. Possible Causes of a Dodge Neon Battery Light Alternator The first thing that… Read More »

Dodge Neon Battery Light Will Not GO Off 2003 Dodge Neon

I recently ran into a problem with a 2003 Dodge Neon that the battery light would not go off. After checking the usual suspects such as alternator, battery, and so on I found out that second generation (2000-2005) Dodge Neon’s use a Battery Temperature Sensor. The battery temperature sensor is there to charge the battery correctly depending how… Read More »