What is No Powertrain DTC or Freeze Frame Data Meaning

By | April 3, 2023

What is No Powertrain DTC or Freeze Frame Data Meaning
If you are scanning a vehicle with an OBDII scan tool and get a “No Powertrain DTC or Freeze Frame Data,” message it means there are no codes to display.

The full message given by an OBDII scan tool is “No Powertrain DTCs or Freeze Frame Data is presently stored in vehicle’s computer.”

This can happen for a few reasons; usually, the car or truck needs to be driven around until a code is given.

Many vehicles manufactured after 2010 have a drive cycle that needs to be done before a code can be cleared.

It can also happen if the OBDII scan tool can not read the data since some codes are manufacturer-specific and require a compatible scan tool.

The issue is usually solved by driving the vehicle until a code is given or the issue clears.

What is a DTC?

DTC stands for Diagnostic Trouble Code and is a sequence of numbers given that point to an error.

The DTCs are the codes given when using an OBDII scan tool.

For example, a P0118 is an OBDII DTC code that reports there is a coolant temperature problem.

What is Freeze Frame Data?

What is Freeze Frame Data
Freeze frame data is a store of the data when an error happens.

A vehicle onboard computer (ECM) stores the data when an error occurs so it can be examined to see why the error occurred.

The data stored is called PID or parameter ID values which are displayed when the diagnostic trouble code (DTC) has a fault.

When a “No Powertrain DTC or Freeze Frame Data” is given, it usually means the onboard computer (ECM) has no OBDII code to display.

The usual fix is to run the car or truck until a code is given, which can then be interpreted.

In some cases, the OBDII scan tool may not be able to read the ECM codes since there are manufacturer-specific codes.

All vehicles will have global OBDII codes, which are the basic agreed-upon codes all manufacturers use.

Most manufacturers will also add to these codes that are specific to the year and model of a vehicle.

For example, VAG Com (VCDS) is manufactured specifically for Volkswagen that used to be available for only dealers to read, but now there are publicly available VAG Com scan tools.

Unless the scan tool has the Vag-Com option built into the scan to it will not be able to read the specific codes, only the standard global codes.

Have you had an issue with a “No Powertrain DTCs or Freeze Frame Data is presently stored in vehicle’s computer.” message? Let us know your thoughts below.

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10 thoughts on “What is No Powertrain DTC or Freeze Frame Data Meaning

  1. Rick Bennett

    Have 2013 Chevy Cruze 1.4 ltr having trouble with temperature gage repaired temostat housigan sensor
    But the gage goes from temperature and then back to cold any answers

  2. Joe R.

    Hey how’s it going,

    So my Ford expedition 2003 starts work after a few seconds equal the engine turns off, I plugged in the code scanner but all it give me is this dtc code

  3. Jo

    My has this information but also had red dots pop up. Check engine light isn’t on. The red dots are FUV CAT EVA AND O25

    The person told me to drive it around and see if that fixes the problem. It’s a 2012 Chevy

  4. Abe

    2004 Malibu Classic runs great no check engine light plug in scanner say no power traindtc or freeze frame data is presently stored in the vehicle computer it will not pass emissions how can I fix the problem my car had a electrical short that burt some wire that I repaired

  5. Dustin

    I had that code when I tried to find out what the traction control light was on

  6. Jennifer Sinclair

    Mine came on after my husband changed the rear brakes. Could it be a sensor knocked loose?!

  7. Tigger

    So you say drive the car around untill you get a code what if it won’t start?

    1. Lisa

      Got the same problem. Started to move it 10 feet then wouldn’t start 10 min later. Plenty of power getting to everything but won’t turn over. Wtf


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