What Is a Nissan P1564 OBDII Code and What are the Fixes?

By | April 8, 2023

What Is a Nissan P1564 OBDII Code and What are the Fixes
A Nissan that is giving a P1564 OBDII Code, indicates an “ASCD Steering Switch Fault.”

Some scan tools will give an “Automatic Speed Control Device Switch” and “ASCD Switch Out of Range” error code.

When a P1564 occurs, the onboard computer (ECM) sees a fault with the ASCD steering switch.

What Is a Nissan P1564 OBDII Code?

A Nissan P1564 code is an Automatic Speed Control Device Switch OBDII error.

ASCD (Automatic Speed Control Device) is also known as cruise control.

The cruise control system is not one component but made up of several components, including a control switch, pedal switch, and the ECM.

What Causes a Nissan P1564 OBDII Code?

What causes a Nissan P1564 OBDII Code

  • Blown Fuse
  • ASCD Steering Switch
  • ASCD Steering Switch Harness
  • ASCD Steering Circuit Wiring
  • Malfunctioning Clock Spring
  • Bad ECM

Many Nissan’s have the cruise control switch built into the steering wheel.
What Is a Nissan P1564 OBDII Code and What are the Fixes 2
When the switch is having an issue, the onboard computer (ECM) will give a P1564 OBDII error Code.

Components that can go bad, include the steering switch, harness, wiring, and clock spring.

How To Diagnose and Fix a Nissan P1564 OBDII Code

The wiring harness will go from the steering wheel to the ECM can be checked for an open or short.

The ECM is usually behind the glove box, and the connection can be checked with a multi meter for continuity.

If the switch built into the steering wheel is bad, the entire assembly is usually replaced.

The steering wheel can also be dissembled.

If you do work on the steering wheel, be sure to unplug the battery connection and wait 10-15 minutes so the airbag does not accidentally go off.

Also, it is a good idea to have the steering wheel and tires straight, which makes it easier to reassemble.

After this, remove the airbag module and pull the steering wheel column covers.

The airbag module is disengaged using a flat blade screwdriver inserted into a hole on the backside of the steering wheel.

The assembly can be ordered at an auto parts store or ordered online on Amazon or eBay.

The steering also contains a clock spring or spiral cable that is part of the circuit for the cruise control.

The clock spring also contains the wiper and turn signal switches.

If the unit goes bad the entire assembly can be replaced.

How To Test a Nissan Steering Cruise Control Switch

While the switch is usually replaced, the following values can also be checked.

If the values match factory specifications, then most likely it is the switch.

If one or more of the values do not match factory specifications, then it is likely the harness.

Values at the G/Y wire at the ASCD steering switch with the ignition switch ‘ON’

  • ASCD steering switch is “OFF”. Approximately 4.0V
  • CRUISE switch is “ON”. Approximately 0V
  • CANCEL switch is “ON”. Approximately 1V
  • COAST/SET switch is “ON”. Approximately 2V
  • ACCEL/RES switch is “ON”. Approximately 3V

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