3 Causes and Fixes Honda Electric Parking Brake Problem

By | April 7, 2023

Honda Electric Parking Brake Problem
If you have a Honda that displays the error “Electric Parking Brake Problem,” there can be several causes and fixes.

Many Honda owners report having issues with cars equipped with the new braking system.

The vehicle will keep beeping and display on the screen “ELECTRIC PARKING BRAKE PROBLEM.”

Often the “BRAKE” and “BRAKE SYSTEM” lights also light up on the console.

Sometimes the error clears on its own, but it may be permanent or come back at a later time.

What is Honda Electric Parking Brake?

The Honda electric parking brake is an electronically controlled brake activated by the driver with a button.

They are a replacement for the older emergency brake that used a tension cable system.

The new electronic emergency brake uses a button to activate it instead of a cable.

What Does a Honda Electric Parking Brake Problem Mean?

When this error occurs, there is an issue with the parking brake system, which has several components.

The main components include the button, wiring, caliper, and servo motors.

A common problem is the button has become dirty with grim and needs to be cleaned.

While the button is a common problem, other components can also fail and give the error.

3 Causes and Fixes Honda Electric Parking Brake Problem

  1. Dirty or Bad Console Parking Brake Button/Switch
  2. Dirty or Bad Console Parking Brake Button
    A bad switch or button is the most common problem with a Honda electric parking brake error message.

    The button is located in the center console and is easily triggered by any dirt or debris.

    If any drinks spill on the button or other debris, it can be set off and malfunction.

    The console can be disassembled and the switch replaced underneath, if the button goes bad.

    A new button and switch can be bought at an auto parts store or online on Amazon or eBay.

  3. Caliper Parking Brake Servo Motor
  4. Caliper Parking Brake Servo Motor
    The parking brake system has servo motors on the rotors that lock the wheels when the brake is on.

    Old parking brake systems used a cable and were mechanical, while new systems are controlled by a servo motor.
    Caliper Parking Brake Servo Motor Location
    If a motor goes bad, it can cause an issue and will need to be replaced.

    The motors are not too difficult to replace, with many DIY individuals replacing them along with many YouTube videos that show the steps.

    Of course, if in doubt, be sure to take your vehicle to a professional.

  5. Faulty Wiring or Blown Fuse
  6. Honda Electric Parking Brake Problem Wiring
    If there is a loose or bad connection in the wiring, it can cause an issue.

    This includes the wiring in the center console and any clips that connect to other components.

    Wiring is not usually a problem, but it can cause a problem in some cases, so be sure to keep it in mind.

    A blown fuse can also cause an issue with the fuses in the engine bay and inside the vehicle.

Honda has made many good vehicles over the years and constantly has improved the technology built into them.

One such new technology is the electric parking brake which the majority of car manufacturers have gone with.

When Honda’s new braking system malfunctions, it will display the error “Electric Parking Brake Problem.”

Sometimes the error will clear on its own or may be intermittent.

If the error happens very frequently or will not go off, it will need to be troubleshooted.

The most common cause is the center console switch, but the wiring and servo motors can also cause a problem.

Have you had an issue with an “Electric Parking Brake Problem” error message in a Honda? Let us know your thoughts below.

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6 thoughts on “3 Causes and Fixes Honda Electric Parking Brake Problem

  1. Daniel Harris

    What a great post, Bob!

    Loved the way you explained each cause of this problem.

    Very insightful and concise!

    Thanks for this. It’s exactly the information I was looking for.

  2. Evan

    When mine activated, I was just driving down the road as usual. I drive a ‘16 Civic EX-T. When I got to my destination, I turned my car off and back on again. The BRAKE SYSTEM light when away first and then the red BRAKE light stopped flashing as well. First time this has happened to me since I’ve owned it. If it happens again or keeps happening I’m going to bring it into Honda to see if they notice anything wrong with it.

  3. John

    In checking the wiring harness to the parking brake actuator there is no power so I am assuming that the fuse might have blown? Or should I get a new wiring harness for the actuator ?

    1. Don

      The motors will get power when activated and will have no power when not activated.

  4. Zid

    Got the same problem after replacing my brake rotors and pads never have had this problem before, My mechanic told me it could be the caliper, but I don’t trust him anymore.

    1. Eric Ivey

      This happened to me after changing my brakes but I’ve yet to figure out what happened. My parking break will still engage and disengage but brake hold hasn’t worked since this all started. I’m wondering if anyone has found what’s causing this after changing brakes.


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