How To Do a Mopar Disk Brake Conversion (eBay Conversion Kit Review Overview)

By | June 5, 2020

eBay Mopar Disk Brake Conversion Kit Review Overview
Converting old 1960s Dodge vehicles with front drum brakes to disk brakes is a topic talked about countless times in many articles.

I found myself in this situation with my 1968 Dodge Charger project and needed to do a conversion.

Old articles and forums post are very helpful in how to go about doing the conversion but many are outdated and old links to products that dont exist anymore.

While searching for a conversion kit I came across one on eBay that had a good price at less than $600.

I searched for reviews on it but found almost none with one good YouTube video.


So basically I dived in and ordered the eBay conversion kit and have began installing it.

I will update my progress of how it works for me if anyone else has the same problem.

There are many good older articles which are worth reading but a little dated.

Keep in mind this is only my experience and I am not claiming to be a professional, even though I have been working on cars my whole life I have never done a drum to disk brake conversion.

This is the kit I bought on eBay
Mopar 1962-74 B & E Body Standard Power Disc Brake Conversion Kit & Adjustable

Kits are also Available on Amazon
Manual Front Disc Brake Conversion Kit Mopar B and E Body

The kit came with everything including the Booster in three big boxes, one for each wheel and one box with the booster components.
Mopar Disk Brake Conversion Kit Review

I started to install the disk and decided to change out the upper and lower control arms while I am at it.
Review eBay Mopar Disk Brake Conversion Kit
It does bolt right into the old control arms so it is not necessary for new ones if you have good upper and lower control arms.

I got one partially installed before I stopped and order the arms.

After reading more online, most articles recommend the disk be in the front of the tire which I had been installing to the rear, so I’m glad I did stop before doing the full install and always wondering how much better the brakes being at the front would have been.
eBay Mopar Disk Brake Conversion Kit Review
While waiting for the control arms I started on the Booster and new master cylinder.

The first thing to do was to pull out the old master cylinder which is held in by 1 bolt on the pedal and 4 bolts on the firewall.
Review eBay Dodge Disk Brake Conversion Kit
Under the dashboard the upper far right bolt looked like it was going to be difficult to get to. After I felt around for the nut, there was none on it, so I only had to remove 3 bolts.

After removing the old master cylinder the instructions said I had to relocate studs on the firewall plate.
1968 Dodge  Disk Brake Conversion Kit back plate

The studs were already in the right position for my 1968 Charger so I didn’t have to relocate anything.
60s Dodge Charger drum to disk brake conversion
This likely changes with the year or B-body style so if you go this route be sure to check your bolt pattern.

The next step was to bolt in the new bracket that goes to the brake pedal.
eBay Mopar Disk Brake Conversion Kit Review Overview 2016
The kit did not have new bolts so I had to use the old ones which was a pain since they are round on one side.

I started two with vise grips than used some old bolts I had laying around for the other side. I plan on buying new ones at the hardware store.

One thing I wish I had done was plan ahead for a friend to help since holding the bracket and tightening the bolts is a real pain by yourself.

I finally was able to get it together but had to use a combination of boards and vise grips to get it bolted up by myself.

After the bracket was installed I tried to mount the booster but the bolt that goes to the pedal bracket was too long.
1968 Dodge  Booster Brake
After cutting off a 1/4 inch it still needed more removed, so I took another 1/4 inch off for a total of 1/2 inch.

Once enough was cut from the bolt I installed the booster.
1968 Dodge  Booster Brake Install
More may need to be cut from the booster bolt since it is still touching the firewall slightly.

After doing final adjustments I will cut more off if needed as I dont want to take too much off.

The next step will be to bleed the master cylinder since it is new and bolt it in.

Looking at the brake lines I decided to order some new ones as the old ones had rust inside.

So far I am happy with the purchase but I still have a lot more to do and haven’t tested them out yet.

There is no doubt better options such as a better kit or installing brakes from an old donor Dodge car such as a 70s Dodge Aspen or similar.

For the price though it does seems to be a good option at least for me. Old dodge donor cars are no longer available in abundance my area as they once were.

If you have prior experience doing this I would love to hear about it below in the comments.

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  1. Brandon

    Hey, thanks! You motivated me to buy one. I’m converting my 64′ cuda manual breaks at this very moment.


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