What is the Best OBDII Scan Tool for the Beginner?

By | March 6, 2022

What is the Best OBD2 Scan Tool for the Beginner
There are many OBDII scan tools available, all with different features, options, and price ranges.

A good scan tool must be able to read and clear errors a vehicle is having and display them to the user.

It also should have an easy to use interface.

OBDII scanners tools can range from expensive to low-cost units.

The average user will likely not need the expensive units as they have many features that will never be used.

A professional mechanic will no-doubt want a unit that has more features and will have a higher cost.

So what is the nest OBDII scan tool for the Beginner?

One of the more popular units for beginners is the Actron CP9125 PocketScan Code Reader.

The Actron CP9125 easily plugs into an OBDII port and has an easy-to-use menu system.
Best OBD-II Scan Tool for the Beginner
It has two buttons for scrolling through the options and selecting which option is wanted, such as reading codes.

A booklet is included to quickly see what the code means and what the problem is.

Alternatively, the code can be searched online, which often will give a good insight into the problem and the solution.
Best OBD-II Scan Tool for the Beginner To Use
For those on a very limited budget and who need a low-cost OBDII tool, the ELM 327 is a good tool to use in combination with Android tablets and smartphones via Bluetooth.

The ELM327 does have a more complicated setup and doesn’t work well with an iPhone, but it is an option if you are more technically inclined.

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Actron CP9125 C PocketScan Code Reader for 1996 and Newer Vehicles

There are many scan tools available, and opinions will vary on which one is a good one for a beginning user and start with.

If the budget a user has to work with is low, it can be even more difficult to find a good scan tool. Mainly since if you have the money to spend, an expensive unit will have more than enough features to help fix a car or spot the problem.

With that said, a high-cost unit is not necessary to get the information needed and start repairs.

Before buying one, always be sure to read the reviews on Amazon or elsewhere to be sure it is a good fit for you.

One thought on “What is the Best OBDII Scan Tool for the Beginner?

  1. Richard Wagner

    My Impala has developed ABS Alzheimers. Fires off the ABS randomly, Thinks tires are spinning when not. Need a way to read ABS codes. Service stabilitrac, service brake assist, and service traction control on DIC. Turning off traction control helps somewhat. So far I see no solutions reported from using dealer service, on WEB. Will an OBD II to PC cable & software enable me to see ABS faults ?


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