Top Ten Must Have Tools For Mechanics

By | July 11, 2020

Top Ten Must Have Tools For Mechanics
Being a mechanic and buying tools is a never ending process.

Many think that like other trades a few tools are bought and that is it. In reality, as many beginner mechanics will find out, is that after the basic tools are bought there is always one more tool needed.

Often, a tool will bee needed that does only one task on certain vehicle models.

For example, VW Passat’s use a specialty tool that only works on their fuel pumps.

Of course, there is basic tools that will be needed on any job and the ones listed below along with links to Amazon.

Top Ten Must Have Tools For Mechanics

  1. Tool Box
  2. A tool box often is not thought of much in the beginning as a tool but is quite important.

    Tool boxes come in all shape and sizes from small to big with wheels to roll it around.

    If you are just starting out or a backyard DIY mechanic getting a small tool box will be plenty good to start with.

  3. Screwdriver
  4. A screwdriver set with Philips and flat heads will be needed.

    There are different sized heads for Philips and Flathead screwdrivers so getting a whole set is a good idea.

  5. Wrenches
  6. Wrenches will be needed both metric and standard sizes.

    A basic good set will get you started. Down the road bigger sized wrenches will be needed but ninety percent of the bolts removed can be done with a basic wrench set.

  7. Sockets and Ratchet
  8. Sockets and a ratchet will be needed to make removing bolts easier and quicker.

    The ratchet sizes are 1/4, 3/8, and 1/2 inch. Getting a 3/8 set to start with is best and the most commonly used sized ratchet.

    When it comes to sockets again get standard and metric sizes. There are many cheap kits along with more expensive better built drive socket sets.

  9. Vise Grips
  10. Vise grips can be a life saver tool and used in all manner of situations.

    One minute they can be used to remove a bolt that has a striped head the next they are being used because the right sized wrench can not be found.

    Vise grips are one of those unique tools that can fit many scenarios and a set belongs in every mechanic tool box.

  11. Pliers
  12. Pliers are another versatile tool that will be used in many different situations.

    Both needle noose and standard sized pliers are routinely used.

  13. Crescent Wrench
  14. Crescent wrenches like vise grips are a must have tool.

    There are times that a tool is missing or broken that a crescent wrench can quickly take its place.

    The right sized wrench should be used since it is easy to round off the head of a bolt with a crescent wrench. A crescent wrench takes more time to use right than a regular wrench but can be a life a life saver filling a gap until you can buy the right sized wrench.

  15. Multi Meter
  16. A multi meter will be needed to help troubleshoot wiring problems.

    Nothing fancy is needed just a basic unit will work for checking continuity and voltages.

    For example, a meter can be used to check the voltage on a vehicle to see if the alternator is over or under charging, or check for continuity to see if there is a break in a wire.

  17. Torque Wrench
  18. A Torque Wrench is very important for times when exact tightening specs of a bolt are to be done.

    This is important as to not over-tighten a bolt but not leave it too lose either.

  19. Hammer
  20. And the last thing on the list is a hammer for those times brute force is needed.

The above is a basic tool list for any starting mechanic. Most will likely already have these tools.

Often a basic tool set is bought which will already contain the basic tools needed.

As stated earlier buying tools is a never ending process. While a DIY part time mechanic can likely get by with the above basic tools professional mechanics will have an entirely different experience.

Mechanic shops regular have tool trucks make visits for mechanics to get a tool they need or replace one that has gone missing or broke.

Do you think we missed a tool that should be on the list, let us know in the comments.

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