How To Read Dodge Check Engine Light Without a Code Reader

By | July 5, 2020

How To Read Dodge Check Engine Light Without a Code Reader
Having an OBD2 scan tool is useful in many situations when an engine light comes on.

But what if you dont have a scan tool and need to know the code?

Many vehicles has a built-in diagnostic that will give the code as I recently found out with Dodge cars and trucks.

I haven’t tried this on all Dodge cars and trucks but it certainly worked for me on a 2001 Dakota, and many others have stated this method has worked for them.

The steps are easy with the key simply needing to be cycled on and off three times.

How To Read Dodge Check Engine Light Without a Code Reader

  1. Cycle the Key from OFF to ON three times.
  2. Read Dodge Check Engine Light Without a Code Reader

  3. The last cycle the key should be in the ON position.

  5. It will give the code in the odometer LCD window on the dashboard.
  6. How To Read Dodge Check Engine Light Without a Code Reader OBD2 Tool

  7. The code will show for only a moment and flash P-done before going back to normal.
  8. DIY How To Read Dodge Check Engine Light Without a Code Reader Self
    Simply Google the code number along with the Dodge make/model and the problem with your car or truck can be found.

    If you miss the code since it does flash quickly simply repeat the steps.

    Hopefully this helps if you have a Dodge and don’t have a OBD2 scan tool to see what the code is.

    If this works with your Dodge let us know in the comments below.



40 thoughts on “How To Read Dodge Check Engine Light Without a Code Reader

  1. Gary Thacker

    I have a 2015 grancaravan crew. It has the big black fob that goes in ignition. There is no key.
    How do you do the 3 turns on off to work.
    Thanks Gary

  2. Phoma

    This worked for 2013 Grand Caravan when I put the trip meter on the display. Didn’t work when odometer reading was on the display.

  3. Jessica

    It worked once and I wasn’t prepared for several codes and now I can’t get it to work again?!?! It just does ———— and –done–

  4. R. Alward

    Does not work on 2014 Ram 1500. It turns on the engine symbol but does not give the codes.

  5. Re-Peters

    Doesn’t do anything. Tried over a dozen times. I can pull C codes by holding the trip button in and turning on the key & releasing the button, but the 3 times off – on does nothing.

    1. Kenneth R Champion

      I’ve got a 2005 Dodge Ram 1500 and it worked for me

  6. Ginger Ridge

    I have a 1996 Dodge Grand caravan it did not have that little reader you reporting to but if you do the off and on three times on the four time the check engine light will flash the code that will help

  7. Kristen Thomas

    Worked on my 2011 Dodge Grand Caravan. Thank you, sincerely!

    1. Angela Smith

      I have a 08 dodge ram that wont start shows dash lights but wont turn over . I hope this works on mine.

  8. Thomas Albers

    Worked without a problem in a 03 Dodge Ram 2500 van

  9. Jason Giles

    2008 Dodge 5500 67 diesel I had to put it on the trip turn the key on and off three times the trip went to straight lines said flash the code then the word done check engine light blinks 10 times stopped started the truck check engine light went off cleared the codes I did figure out if you don’t get it to show the code on your first attempt you must start the vehicle shut it off in order for the trip meter to show the code

  10. Colin David

    Work on 2010 3.8 (HERO). Put it Trip A. cycle if fast.

  11. Michael

    Worked perfect on my 2014 Dodge Grand Caravan. Just needed to ensure the display was on odometer and turn the vehicle completely off. Next, flip three times between position 1 and 2 with the key (maintaing that the positions are 0 – at key insert, 1 – at first click, 2 – at second click, and 3 – at starter). Ended o 2 like the instructions. The error codes just popped up right after that (I had 2 codes appear).

    1. Laith

      Hello , are you able please to explain more , because I have the same vehicle but it didn’t work

    2. Laurence

      This post describes the process best. Worked on my 2011 Grand Caravan.

    3. Margery

      Thank you for these great instructions. I found that putting it at the odometer setting didn’t work but putting it on Trip A setting did with the key turn 3 times from 1 – 2. Mine is just the EVAP leak so have re-closed my gas cap and will see if that fixes it. Dodge Grand Caravan 2012.

  12. Bert

    Didn’t work on my 2005 Dodge Dakota – no Code – but the engine light symbol started flashing

    1. Krissy

      The flashing is the numerical code so every pause is a different number

  13. Jim Bleakley

    Yes, this did work for me on my 2006 Dodge Grand Caravan.

    1. Jordan Rosado

      Doesn’t work on all dodges. Doesn’t work on my 06 2500 5.9.

      1. John

        Works on my 2006 Ram 2500 5.9 Cummins just fine. QUICKLY off to run 3 times and you’re good to go. I’ve never had a Dodge this didn’t work on when done correctly.

    1. Al

      Just being sarcastic. Nothing works on 99s I owned one of those ××&%@/>%×$>÷+>[%! Things lol

    2. Michael

      If the code doesnt show digitally check engine light flashes pauses flashes 4 times cthe number of flashes lije 2 1 4 3 thats the odb code you need to look up

  14. Stephanie Stewart

    Worked like a champ on our 2017 Grand Caravan.


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