Errors and Fixes Chevy Cruze Coolant Temperature Sensor

By | June 22, 2023

Errors and Fixes Chevy Cruze Coolant Temperature Sensor
If you have a Chevy Cruze that is is overheating, but the engine is not overly hot, the coolant temperature sensor may be bad.

One way to test the sensor is to let the engine cool down and then start it up.

While the engine is cool, in the first 1-2 minutes, the car should not display it is overheating.
How to Replace the Chevy Cruze Coolant Temperature Sensor Overview 5
If it does display it is overheating, the sensor is likely bad.

A common message when the Chevy Cruze is overheating is the “AC Off Due to High Heat Engine Temp” message.
Chevy Cruze P0117 Coolant Temperature Sensor Overview
Keep in mind all other cooling system components should also be checked for failures, such as the water pump, cooling fan, thermostat, and radiator.

Common Coolant Temperature Sensor Error Codes

  • P00B7 Engine Coolant Flow Low/Performance
  • P00B6 – Radiator Coolant Temperature – ECT Not Plausible
  • P0116 – ECT Sensor Performance
  • P0117 – ECT Sensor Low Voltage
  • P0118 ECT Sensor high voltage
  • P0119 – ECT Sensor Circuit Intermittent

Symptoms of a Bad Chevy Cruze Coolant Sensor

  • Cooling Fans Constantly Running at High Speeds
  • Temperature Gauge Shows Hot When Engine is Cool
  • Temperature Gauge Not Working

Chevy Cruze Coolant Temperature Sensor Location

Chevy Cruze P0117 Coolant Temperature Sensor Location
The Coolant Temperature Sensor on the Chevy Cruze is located on the driver side top of the engine.

There are wires and hoses blocking the sensor which can be pushed out of the way to get to the unit.
Chevy Cruze P0117 Coolant Temperature Sensor Location 2
There is also a second temperature sensor located on the radiator.

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How to Replace the Chevy Cruze Coolant Temperature Sensor

  1. Locate the sensor and unplug it.
  2. How to Replace the Chevy Cruze Coolant Temperature Sensor Step 1

  3. A small clip is usually holding it in place that will pull up with a screwdriver.
  4. How to Replace the Chevy Cruze Coolant Temperature Sensor Step 2

  5. Twist and pull the sensor out.
  6. How to Replace the Chevy Cruze Coolant Temperature Sensor Step 3

  7. Plugin the new sensor
  8. Insert the new sensor and insert it into place with the clip.
  9. Add coolant if needed and test the car.

If you have a Chevrolet Cruze that shows it is overheating, but the engine is cool, the temperature sensor has likely gone bad.

A bad wire can also cause the same issues, so be sure to example the wiring harness.

The sensor is a low-cost item and is frequently replaced by DIY mechanics.

Some mechanics will drain the fluid, but since the sensor is at the top of the engine, minimal fluid will come out if it is not drained.

It is a bit difficult to get to the sensor since a wire harness and other components are directly in the way, but it is a straightforward job.

There is also a radiator temperature sensor located at the bottom of the radiator on the passenger side.

Have you had issues with the coolant temperature sensor on a Chevy Cruze? Let us know your thoughts below.

10 thoughts on “Errors and Fixes Chevy Cruze Coolant Temperature Sensor

  1. shaun bob

    If you have replaced both sensors and the thermostat. Why wouldnt your brain start telling you to look at the electrical connectons from said sensors to the electrical harnes or the wires from the electrical harness. I saw a video where someone cleaned the electrical connection and it worked after.

  2. lisa perrier

    Fan on my 2016 chevy cruze LT cuts in every 15 seconds when the ac or heater are on. If neither ac or heat is on the fan does not cut in. Is there a solution to this issue. Car is not running hot and no lights on dash.

  3. Kennard P Marcantel

    I’ve changed thermostat, and sensor top of engine and sensor on radiator and it shows to turn off ac for over heating turned ac off and temperature came down why it showing the message

  4. Donald

    Changed out everything on engine tubo waterpump inlet hosing sensors thermostat ac compressor ambient air sensor still over heating like thermostat staying closed have new head gasket on it also along with timming chain and parts stuck what to check for next my scanner show ambient air at 13 c what it was like 80 f out side think computer bad ?

    1. Rachel

      It’s just a mystery I guess! I’ve replaced many parts to the cooling system and nothing is working!!! The research that I’ve done about this car is insane! No one has a solution! It needs to be recalled!

      1. Tina

        I’m having the same problem! Thermostat changed twice, sensor replaced twice. Car isn’t overheating but the fan runs at a high rate and acts like it is.

  5. Ryan

    Replace my temp sensor worked good for the day then went out again the next day not sure what the issue is

  6. Kim

    Hi guys, just wondering if everyone got their issues fixed? I have a 2011 Chevy Cruze LS and I was having the same exact problems. I replaced the upstream and downstream sensors and a couple more things. I even took my car to the mechanic and got no help from him. I replaced the thermostat and realized that the pipe that connects to the thermostat to run the water through to radiator was not connected. You can’t see where it connects to because of the covering. Once I felt my way and reconnected it, everything was fine. Hope it helps someone and I may not have the exact name of the pipe but it’s a metal pipe at the base of the thermostat, if that helps any.

  7. Timothy Coleman

    Just replaced thermostat water pump hoses it’s still running hot.


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