Best Way to Remove a Wheel Stud: Tips And Tricks

By | April 12, 2016

Of course the best way to tackle any job is with the correct tool. What if you do not own the tool, or any tool that will work for the job?

Today we are talking about wheel studs, and the tool needed to remove that stud. In this guide you will find two pieces of information.

What tool you need, and a trick if you do not have the tool needed.
Best Way to Remove a Stud Tips And Tricks

So first let’s talk about the correct tool for this job. Here is a picture of a scenario where we need to remove a stud to place it into the new part for the vehicle
Best Way to Remove a Stud

This job requires a stud puller. The stud puller grabs the side of the stud, without damaging the threads on the stud.
Best Way to Remove a Stud With Tips

These pullers have rollers inside them that grab the stud firmly and extract it without damage.
Best Way to Remove a Stud Tips And Tricks DIY
Now if you do not own, or cannot wait for the new stud puller. Then here is a trick that works well. I have done it many times. If you do not have the nuts that came off of the stud you want to extract, you will need to find two of them for this trick.

First thread a nut about half way or more onto the stud that you want to extract.
Best Way to Remove a Stud Tips And Tricks DIY 2016

Second take the second not and thread it right on top of the first nut. Be sure all of both nuts are threaded down enough to see the stud above the second nut.
Best Way to Remove a Stud Tips And Tricks of the Trade
Now with two wrenches, lock the nuts together by twisting the top nut down and the bottom nut up at the same time. Tighten them together as if you were tightening a bolt. (Pretty tight)

Now after you feel comfortable enough that they are tight. Then remove both wrenches and place one wrench on the top nut and thread it out as if it is now a bolt. After removing the stud, take both wrenches and unlock the two nuts.

Turn the top nut up and the bottom nut down at the same time. This will unlock them and allow you to thread one off at a time. Then both nuts can be used to remove the next stud, and so on. You can use this same method to run a stud in if you are having a difficult time doing that.

It’s always nice to have the actual tool for the job, but when we are in a pinch its also very nice to be able to get the job done. So in short by locking two nuts together on a single stud, you can use the two nuts as a stud extractor.

I’ve included a video here for you to better understand exactly what I mean and how the whole process works, although I think now you do understand exactly how it works.

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