1968 Dodge Charger Restoration on the Cheap: #4

By | April 18, 2016

It has been awhile since I have updated the progress on the 68 Charger project so I thought I would update the status.

I finally got the 360 bolted up with the Headers which was a pain.

I used the electronic ignition from the donor truck along with the wiring harness to fire it up.

It did start but is not getting spark at times which I need to find out why. Its likely something simple I just haven’t looked into to it much more yet.

While I originally was going to get the mechanical running first I lucked out in my best friend has gotten back into doing body work and has a full shop.

This is huge for me since I can borrow his expertise and equipment.

I am not going to do a complete tear down as most the body is in good shape minus one rear body panel.

So basically at this point I loaded it onto a trailer with my friends help and took it to his place to sand it down.
1968 Dodge Charger Restoration on the Cheap Traveling

Mainly it will be sanded down to metal, most the dents fixed and primered.
1968 Dodge Charger Restoration on the Cheap 4

I am still undecided on the color I want to paint it possibly black but just getting it up to a straight body and primed would be awesome right now.

Body work is not my strong point so I am going to be mainly doing the grunt work and relying on my friend for the detailed expertise.

Striping off all the old paint and rust is a lot of work but it is a lot of fun to imaging what it will look like when done.

Hopefully, we can get most the body work done within the next month and then I will begin working on the mechanical again.

Mechanically I most likely will have to have the transmission rebuilt and get a new torque converter.

The linkage also needs some more work.

I did install a temporary radiator but it came out of a Dodge truck and doesn’t fit well. I am keeping a eye out for the parts I will need for when the time comes to replace them. If I can’t find good used parts than I will have no other option than to buy the parts new.

I will add more updates when I have the time.

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