Our Picks for Best Bike Rack for a SUV

By | April 4, 2016

Our Picks for Best Bike Rack for a SUV 2016

Getting the best bike rack carrier for your SUV is not difficult especially with the many available.

There are three types of bikes racks Roof Racks, Hitch Mount Racks, and Trunk Mounted.

Roof Racks
Roof racks are a good option but do have a few negatives.

First they add height to a SUV making them all but impossible to drive into a garage or other low height areas.

Second it can be difficult for some to load a bike up unless you are tall enough. They also require more strength to lift a bike into place on a roof and lock it down.

This will be less of a problem for a SUV that is lower to the ground. They also dont require a hitch.

The Apex 1-Bike is a SUV bike rack that carries a bike upright.
Best Bike Rack for a SUV
It is a good economical SUV bike rack that does what its supposed to, carrying a bike for point A to point B.
Trunk Mounted
Trunk mounted bike racks often require the least amount of work.

They dont require lifting a bike high-up like a roof rack does.

They will block access to the trunk. If getting in and out of the trunk is important than other options would be best.

No hitch is required so they are good for having a bike rack for SUV without a hitch.

Hollywood Racks makes many good heavy duty units.
Best Bike Rack for a SUV 2016
Up-to four bikes can be loaded up and strapped into place.
Hitch Mount Racks
If you have a hitch than hitch mounted racks are a good option.

They do add to the overall length of a vehicle which is not a problem for most.

Most can lean away from a SUV which allows for trunk access. When a unit is leaned out to get into a trunk it can be difficult to push it back into place when many bikes are loaded up.

This unit from Allen Sports is a good hitch mounted model and can carry up-to four bikes.

Best Bike Rack for a SUV Without a Hitch
Setting up a SUV to carry a bike or multiple bikes is a straight forward process that simply involves finding the right style for you.

If your SUV doesn’t have a receiver hitch than a roof or trunk unit may be best. A hitch can be installed but will add to the cost.
Lifting the bike up into place should be considered along with driving while bikes are attached.

Be sure to read the reviews on Amazon, forums, here, or elsewhere to get the best unit for you.

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  1. Jack Walton

    Good recommendations, thank you. There are some specific considerations and options to bear in mind when selecting the best bike rack for your SUV. You mention some of them in your article above as well. Take a look at the article below. It provides a nice pros and cons approach to each of the different mount types available to SUV owners.


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