4 Auto Body Paint Tricks and Tips That will Make Your Job Easier

By | December 27, 2022

Four Auto Body Paint Tricks and Tips That will Make Your Job Easier
Everyone loves a shortcut. Sometimes some may look at shortcuts as if they are the easy way to do things but not the correct way.

There are some that may always take the easy way. Nevertheless, if the shortcut gets results, then one could argue that it is the correct way.

I have put together a small list of shortcuts that may help while painting a vehicle.

4 Auto Body Paint Tricks and Tips

Tip #1
There are a few things that just make us cringe when we are painting. We spend a lot of time and work sanding, and placing primer on a vehicle.

So when the paint is too thin, we move too slowly. We can make the paint run a little. When the paint runs, we get frustrated because we know how much work it is to get that run back out.

Well, there is now a nifty little tool called a nip file that will remove that run quickly. With little work at all, we can remove it and get back to painting.
Auto Body Paint Tricks and Tips
This handy little tool you can keep right in your pocket. While painting, if you get a run. Simply etch it out and get back to work.
Tip #2
The second tip I would like to share. Has to do with an automotive part. It seems no matter what we do with our air hose. It always ends up sticking at the tire.

We shake it, we whip it, until we realize that the only correct method is to walk back to the front of the vehicle and bend over and remove it from the tire.

Then when we bend over and grab the hose, we realize we didn’t tighten the paint lid all the way.

Try this easy tip. Place a pair of old brake shoes in front of both tires.

Four Auto Body Paint Tricks and Tips

The shoes will stick and not move from their location, allowing the hose to make the turn smoothly and efficiently.
Tip #3
The third tip I would like to share I absolutely love. Walking around the vehicle can cause you to stir up any dust and lint that is on the floor.
Keep Lint and Dust from the paint
By soaking the floor with water, you keep all those particles where they belong, and the part I love is when the vehicle is done, it just takes a squeegee to clean the floor.
Tip #4
And last but not least. This tip puzzles me on how it actually works, but I have experienced its truth myself.

The lint that floats in the air while you are painting is there with or without an exhaust fan. No matter what we do to prep, there is always that one piece that lands on our beautiful paint job.

Suppose you are painting a base coat, a clear coat. This is a simple fix; however, it does take extra time. If you are doing a single stage, well, we know there is very little forgiveness with single-stage paint.

I’ve been told that lint that floats in the air will attract a vehicle because of the polarity of the lint. So if the lint is floating within one inch of the vehicle, it will be magnetized in a sense, and the vehicle will pull the lint to it.

Suppose we hang a chain so that it touches the vehicle and the concrete. We reverse the polarity of the vehicle.
Four Auto Body Paint Tricks and Tips Keeping Stray Dust From Your Work
So if the lint is within one inch of the vehicle, the lint will now float to the ground instead of being pulled to our paint job.

So enjoy these tricks and tips; we will continue to post more for you.

Brian Thomas

11 thoughts on “4 Auto Body Paint Tricks and Tips That will Make Your Job Easier

  1. Fresno Auto Body

    Thanks for sharing such a great information, it is really helpful. Keep up the work.

  2. Tobias Armstrong

    I’d heard of some of these panting tips, but the one about reversing the polarity of the car before it gets painted sounds absolutely genius. I don’t paint my car very often, but I do have a paint shop and I get out every once and a while. I’m excited to go ahead and try this next time I get out to paint. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Sam Li

    I like what you said about soaking the floor with water in order to reduce the number of dust particles that enter the air when working on a car. I think that taking your car to a body shop that maintains a clean environment is the best way to go. If I were to get into a collision, I would contact an auto body shop in my area that charges a fair rate for their services.

  4. Vivian Black

    My husband loves the new car that he got in our hometown of Philadelphia, OH, but he recently was rear-ended and needs to get his car repaired. We love your tip about making sure that you don’t stir up any dust or lint on the floor to clean it. We will keep these tips in mind after finding a professional to repair his car.


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