What is The Best VAG-COM VCDS OBD II Scan Tool?

By | January 8, 2017

Best VAG-COM VCDS OBD II Scan Tool 2017 pic 11

Having a good VAG-COM scan tool can go a long way to help not only find a mechanical problem but to do some light modding.
There are many VAG-COM VCDS scan tools available for Volkswagen, from low cost units to high-end expensive models.
Here we show some of the low cost options that would be a good fit for the DIY mechanic.
As always be sure to read the reviews on Amazon or elsewhere to be sure a unit is a good fit for you.
Our Picks for the Best VAG-COM VCDS OBD II Scan Tools
OBDeleven PRO Audi VW bluetooth diagnostic tool android vcd obd2 vag obdII com can

The OBDeleven is a new VAG COM scan tool that is low cost and has most VCDS features.
It is a Bluetooth dongle that pairs with a smartphone and allows you to check for errors or do modifications.
A app called VAG OBD2 is downloaded from the Play Store to your Android smartphone.
The app does charge extra for features that make it easier to mod a VW.
There is no charge if you can get a bit technical and enter the long codes bits needed to do what is required.
Best VAG-COM VCDS OBD II Scan Tool 2017
Even though it makes VAG-COM much easier to to work with then in the past there still is a technicality to it, unless you want to pay extra for the easy apps.
For example if you are doing mods be sure to do some research on your vehicle for what mods you actually want done to your car.
Best VAG-COM VCDS OBD II Scan Tool 2017 Pic 5
If you just want to check codes then it does that very well. The Volkswagen vehicle compatibility is huge, but be sure to read their compatibility list on Amazon to be sure it will work for you.
Best VAG-COM VCDS OBD II Scan Tool 2017 OBDEleven
The OBDEleven is a really nice tool when used correctly along with tons of features and mods that can be done depending on your vehicle.

New version VCDS 15.7 , Vag-Com 15.7, HEX CAN USB OBDII Cable with ATMEGA162 + 16V8B + FT232RL Chip with latest DTCs library and latest version diagnostic data packet

Of course no VAG COM scan tools would list would be complete without a cheap low cost USB OBDII Cable.
A Vag COM cable simply goes from the OBD2 port to a laptops USB port and software is used for VCDS information.
Best VAG-COM VCDS OBD II Scan Tool 2017 pic 11
Low cost cables are basically knock offs of the genuine Ross-Tech cable which cost much more.
The thing to understand with any of these low cost VAG COM cables is they use older version of the Ross-Tech software.
Many have problems with these cables while others use them daily.
Best VAG-COM VCDS OBD II Scan Tool 2017 Pic 7
Here are some things to keep in mind if a low cost VAG COM cable is bought.
…It will come with a disc that must be used with the cable.
…Do not update the software or it will not work.
…You will need to disable any virus software to use the program.
…It is best to disable any internet connection so the software does not update.
Of course all of this can be skipped by buying the Ross Tech version. I know many will not have the money to buy the Ross Tech version and these will come up.
With that in mind they do work when used right
Xtool Vag401 Live Data OBD2 Car Diagnostic Scan Tool for Vw Audi Seat Skoda Vehicles – Black

If you are looking for a stand alone scan tool then the Xtool Vag401 is worth a look.
It is a good scanner for troubleshooting and has many nice features such as clearing airbag faults, or priming a fuel pump after a filter change.
Best VAG-COM VCDS OBD II Scan Tool 2017 pic 17
If doing a mod it only works with long codes in HEX, so you know exactly which byte and bits to modify. Again this can be done by searching the forums and finding matches for your car and what you are trying to do.
The above VAG-COM VCDS are simply a few of the ones available and ones I have seen work.
Each tool has its own positives and negatives which often depending on the vehicle being worked on.
Which ever tool is used there is no doubt the many positives of using a VAG COM tool over a standard OBD II. From scanning for engine fault codes to simple modding, they are a nice thing to have.
Do you have a favorite VAG-COM scanner? Let us know in the comments below.

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