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Our Picks for Best Portable Jump Starters of 2018

Portable car battery smart jump starters have become popular in recent years.   Smart jump starters are a great item in a emergency when a battery has lost its charge.   Modern day devices from smartphones to laptops can drain a battery leaving a user in need of a jump which makes emergency jump kits a good item… Read More »

Our Picks for Best Air Compressor For Home Use

Air compressors come in all shapes and sizes from big industrial units to small portable models.   Having a compressor for home use is always a good idea and will come in handy in many situations.   Below is some of our picks for good home units.   In full disclosure some of these units have been sent… Read More »

How To Revive Old Power Tool Batteries

Reviving old power tool batteries is something we all want, and need to do. These batteries are very expensive and tossing them away can be even more expensive.   There is a life span of these batteries, however we very seldom get to use them for that entire time. When charging and killing these batteries over and over… Read More »